GreenEye Monitor (Commercial)

The GreenEye Monitor (GEM) is a multi-channel energy consumption monitor.

  • 32 Power Monitoring Channels
  • Measures “True” Power and Energy
  • May be used for “NET Metering” of Solar and Wind Power Systems
  • Capable of Monitoring Single, Split or 3-Phase Systems
  • Multitude of Communication Options Available: RS-232, WiFi, Ethernet, ZigBee
  • Includes Four Pulse Counter Inputs For Water or Gas Consumption
  • 1-Wire Bus© for Temperature Sensing
  • Concealed Lead Connection for Clean Installation
  • Variety of Data Hosting Options


The versatility of the GEM makes it ideal for a variety of applications:

  1. Commercial establishment energy analysis
  2. Multiple dwelling or apartment building monitoring
  3. Wind or solar system net monitoring


The GEM has 32 identical channel with the following capabilities:

  • Measures “True” (Real) Power. This is what the power company charges for.
  • Compatible with any Brultech CT.
  • Monitor NET energy for Solar or Wind generating system.

Single/Split Phase Measurements

  • Monitor up to 32 individual channel, or combine breakers onto one channel to monitor even more.
  • Ability to monitor a 120V or split-phase 120V/240V load on a single channel.
  • Double breakers with no neutral can be monitored with 1 CT.

3-Phase Measurements

  • Monitor up to 10 3-phase breakers.
    • Each 3-phase load requires 3 separate channels, one phase per channel.
  • Supports 120V/208V four wire wye (Y) systems.

Pulse Counters

The GreenEye Monitor has four pulse counter inputs. These counters detect pulses received from devices such as water or gas meters which have pulse output. These inputs may also be used to detect traffic via motion sensor. There are two types of counter inputs:

  1. Counter 1 and 2 inputs are optically isolated from the GreenEye Monitor circuit. These require a pulsed voltage between 3VDC and 24VDC.
  2. Counter 3 and 4 inputs require signal from “dry contacts”.  This means that the pulses are generated by a reed switch or relay contacts and requires no voltage.

Temperature Measurements

The GEM measures temperature via a “1-Wire Bus®”. The 1-wire bus is a Maxim®/Dallas® proprietary standard and accepts the very popular DS18B20 temperature sensor. The 1-Wire system uses a single three conductor (bus) to connect all sensors in parallel. The GreenEye Monitor can then address each individual temperature sensor.


The communication ports are used initially for GEM setup. Once all parameters have been configured, the port is used to transfer realtime data to the data host. The available communication options are:

  • RS-232
  • Ethernet
  • ZigBee® (XBee® Module)

All GreenEye Monitor models incorporate two RS-232 ports. Other communication options are:

  1. Ethernet/WiFi Module
  2. XBee Module (may be combined with Ethernet/WiFi module)

The GEM provides a variety of “packet formats” and API options for transferring data to a host for storage, analysis and viewing.  Some formats include the ability to post data to one of many data hosting sites. As new formats and data options are implemented, they will be available via “free” firmware upgrades. Packet data formats are available to GEM purchasers wishing to develop custom plug-ins or applications.

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