The ECM-1240 is a multi-channel energy consumption monitor. It is used to measure consumption of up to 7 electrical circuits and provide up to the minute consumption data. The ECM-1240 also has an optional pulse counting input. It can accept pulses from water or gas meter which have pulse outputs and provide consumption information.


  • 7 Energy Monitoring channels.
  • Channel 7 (AUX5) optional pulse counting.
  • NET Metering.
  • Accurate “True” power measurements.


The ECM-1240 is useful for small installations that don’t require a lot of channels or as an addition to a GreenEye Monitor for a few extra channels.

  1. Monitoring a small rental unit.
  2. Sub-panel monitoring.
  3. Wind or solar system net monitoring


The ECM-1240 has 7 channels, 2 normal channels and 5 AUX channels.  All the channels have the following capabilities:

  • Measures “True” (Real) Power. This is what the power company charges for.
  • Ability to monitor a 120V or split-phase 120V/240V load on a single channel.

Channel 1 and 2 have the following special capabilities:

  • Monitor NET energy for Solar or Wind generating system.
  • Compatible with any Brultech CT.

The 5 AUX channels are limited to our Micro-CTs.

Pulse Counter

AUX5 on the ECM-1240 can be used for optional pulse counting.  To use this option, a factory-installed resistor must be removed from AUX5 before connecting up the pulse counter.


The ECM-1240 supports 3 forms of communication:

  • RS-232 (Default)
  • Ethernet (Optional)
  • ZigBee® (XBee® Module) (Optional)

Ethernet is connected using our DB9 cable and an EtherPort gateway.  The gateway will covert the RS232 signal and send it through Ethernet. Zigbee® is used as a wireless connection to your router or to hook up to existing compatible Zigbee® devices.  To use it as a wireless link, it must be combined with our EtherBee gateway.

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