DashBox Server

The DashBox is a server designed to collect and display your data.

It resides on your local network and can talk to multiple energy monitors via direct connection or over the network.

Communicates over Ethernet with your network.

Direct Communication

Up to 2 energy monitors can be connected to the DashBox using the 2 RS-232 ports in the front of the DashBox.

They connect using 3-wire to stereo cable.

In-direct Communication

The DashBox can communicate with any number of energy monitors indirectly over the network.

Built-in Dashboard

  • Comprehensive graphs, charts and gauges provide quick visual indication of real-time and historical energy
  • Modular dashboard section enables the user to create custom dashboards
  • Channel grouping for summing multiples channels. Ex: A/C unit and furnace blower channels may be grouped as a single Cooling channel
  • Capable of displaying water or gas consumption via pulse counts from the monitor
  • Displays temperature from sensors connected to the GEM
  • Designed to be smart phone and tablet friendly
  • Can be configured for various billing schedules:
    1. Flat rate
    2. Time Of Use (TOU)
    3. Tiered rates
  • Budget section allows the consumer to set budget goals for total consumption and individual appliances
  • Provides years of storage
  • Capable of NET metering for renewable energy installations
  • Provisions to forward energy data to ISY (home automation) and Smart Energy Groups


  • Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Powerful ARM processor
  • 32GB Micro SD card for years of data storage
  • Communication options:
    • Two RS-232 serial ports
    • Ethernet port
  • Hi precision clock calendar with battery backup. Stable over a wide temperature range
  • Requires very little energy to operate (approx 2W-4W). About one cent per day
  • Built-in brown-out protection using super-capacitor technology
  • No moving parts … No hard drive! No fan! No noise!
  • Operates independently from a network or internet
  • Can be connected to a network and the internet for local or remote access
  • All recorded data stays resident and secure. Does not rely on cloud service or internet
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