Data Host

Data Host

What is a Data Host?

The Data Host collects data from one or more Energy Monitor and stores it in its database. Data communication from the Energy Monitor to the Data Host may be done via serial connection or TCP/IP connection. Live and historical consumption information may be viewed using a PC, tablet or smart device.
Gem System2

Example data host solution (DashBox)

Data Host Options

1. DashBox
  • Data is sent to the DashBox directly via RS-232 or indirectly via the network.
  • The DashBox connects to the network.
  • The dashboard web pages are viewed via the network or internet.
2. PC or Laptop
  • Data is sent to a dedicated PC or computer system running third party software
  • Connection may be via RS-232 (USB to serial) or via TCP/IP
  • The dashboard may be accessed over the local network or internet
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3. Internet Host
  • Data is sent to the a third party web hosting service
  • TCP/IP is used to connect to the network
  • The DashBox connects to the network.
  • The dashboard web pages are viewed via the network or internet.
4. Home Automation Host
  • Data is sent directly to a home automation system
  • “Plugins” are available for various popular home automation systems
  • RS-232 or TCP/IP is used depending on the system
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Local PC or Laptop

BTMon & BTcfg
The script reads data from Brultech ECM-1220, ECM-1240, or GEM devices then sends to standard output, RRD, database, or any number of energy monitoring services.The script reads settings from and writes settings to Brultech ECM-1220, ECM-1240, and GEM devices.
tenBrultechServer connects to one or more Brultech ECM-1220, ECM-1240, or GEMs (up to ten) and receives energy consumption data via serial ports and/or via TCP (using EtherBees and/or EtherPorts for ECM/GEMs — and WIFI or ethernet for the GEMs). A total of five serial and/or TCP ports can be used simultaneously. tenBrultechServer then broadcasts the ECM/GEM data to one or more computers on your network. This allows you to run multiple programs that all utilize realtime data from the ECM/GEMs. For instance, tenBrultechServer provides the data to the tenHsBrultech HomeSeer plugin.

Internet Hosting Services

Compatibility: GreenEye Monitor, ECM-1240 (via BTMon)Smart Energy Groups is an on-line community for energy aware people to work together to share information on how to use energy more efficiently and reduce energy consumption.
mysolarlogoCompatibility: GreenEye Monitor, ECM-1240 MySolarStats has custom Residential and Commercial solutions for energy management including solar and wind generation, single utility and multiple utility meter installations. We provide web accessible displays of data from solar arrays, Net Metering information and Time of Use segmentation.
checkitlogoCompatibility: GreenEye Monitor – Commercial installs only The Check-It Solutions Platform is a turnkey solution with all the software and hardware required for a complete, powerful building management system. The system can work stand alone with many wireless device options to control lighting, temperatures, thermostats and almost any electrical device.
aquicorelogoCompatibility: GreenEye Monitor – Commercial installs only Aquicore is a real-time energy management software, which allows you to analyze all of your energy data on one centralized platform. Specializing in commercial real-estate and industrial facilities, Aquicore provides complete transparency into your energy consumption so you can take control of your bills.

Home Automation Hosts

udilogo The ISY-994iZ series supports both of our monitors via Zigbee. Information can be found via their forums here
Our GreenEye Monitor and ECM-1240 are supported by UltraECM HS3 HS2 Blades Plugin supports our ECM-1240 and ECM-1220 HS3 HS2 And also by tenWare
Charmed Quark
Drivers can be found here
Vera Smart Home Control
More information here.