How It Works

Monitoring System Overview

1. Sensors measure voltage and branch currents

GEM sensors to panel

  • Current sensors are installed to each breaker wire in your circuit panel.
  • Voltage is sensed using a specialized AC adapter.
  • Measurements from the current and voltage sensors are used to determine “true” power and energy.

2. Measured data is forwarded to the Data Host

  • The energy monitor is connected to your network (or directly to a computer).
  • Configure to send to a data host of your choice.
  • The data host interprets the incoming data and converts it into meaningful information.

*Data Host is any of the variety of services/software supported by our hardware.


3. The Data Host stores the data for viewing via Dashboards

  • View your consumption data on your data hosts dashboard.
    • Figure out where your power is going.
    • Find any “phantom power” being used while idle.
    • Compare your appliance usage to new energy efficient appliances.
  • Use the data to reduce your power usage and save money.