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How Can You Manage Something You Can't See ?

Our Energy Consumption Monitors are designed to provide the consumer and professional energy Auditor a comprehensive view into the electrical power consumption of household loads, sub-panels and panels.

With all of the studies done in the past few years, it is a proven fact that knowing where your energy is going does wonders when it comes to reducing your energy use. Many times people focus on trivial loads, often overlooking the big "guzzlers", when trying to reduce electricity use.

Although several devices have been around providing a display of total panel use, our monitor takes this concept several steps further by providing a break-down of individual panel circuit and loads. What does this mean? This means that you can get a "real-time" visual display of various household devices such as refrigerator, washer, dryer, TV, heating/cooling, water heater, etc. With our new ECM-1240, not only can you see up to the second consumption, you can also view what percentage of your monthly consumption each load is responsible for.


Easy to view and understand!

Our technology puts this information at your disposal anytime and anywhere. View it on a local computer, iPhone or over the internet. Simple visuals make it easy for even children to understand!


Brultech's Technology

We have been designing and manufacturing energy monitors since 1992. We pride ourselves with the fact that our monitors measure "true" power which represents what the power company charges for. Some recent start-up companies are now offering low cost devices similar to ours, however the technique they use does not properly represent the energy consumption and can falsely represent the actual consumption. Beware of energy monitor being promoted using trick terms such as "measures electricity". Electricity is not a unit of measure. Always make sure the monitor measures "true" power.



Take Control of Your Energy Use !