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System 3-D (Donut CTs)

New product

- 64 Energy monitoring channels! 

- DashBox Server for Data Logging and Dashboard.

- 36 Donut CTs for breakers up to 40A.

- Add more CTs based on your panel's requirements.

pdficon_small.png How many Current transformers (CT) and channels do I need?

*** All additional CTs in the cart with this System will be discounted 25% Off.

More details

GEM and DashBox Manual  Download (4.19M)


Additional Items

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This system is designed to monitor most medium homes having one or two panels. The included CTs are the most common branch circuit sensor for breakers up to 40A. Since electrical panel circuits and amperage varies from home to home, you can add additional CTs to match your panel’s requirements.



  • Autonomous system with DashBox webserver. No internet required!
  • 64 energy monitoring channels.
  • 8 pulse input for water and gas meter.
  • 16“1-wire” temperature sensor capability (sensors extra).
  • Capable of NET metering from any of the 64 channels.


Package Contents:

  • 2 – Base Model GEMs.
  • 1 -  DashBox.  
  • 32 GB High Endurance MicroSD card memory.
  • 36 - Donut CTs for breakers up to 40A (30A if you have aluminum wiring) provides a starting point for your specific application.
  • 2 - RS-232 Cables.
  • Power adapters
  • Potential Transformers


For residential single or split phase services only. Not for commercial 3 phase systems