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New product

- 7 Energy monitoring channels.

- 2 SPLIT-200 for any main panel up to 200A.

- 2 SPLIT-60 CTs for any circuit up to 60A.

- 8 Donut CTs for any panel circuit up to 40A. 

- Includes DashBox Server for Data Logging and Dashboard.  

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This package is ideal for monitoring a residential main panel along with several branch circuits. It is capable of monitoring solar inverter and generating NET consumption values.



  • Autonomous system with DashBox webserver. No internet required!
  • 7 energy monitoring channels.
  • Capable of NET metering using channel 1 or 2 to monitor solar or wind power
  • 1 possible pulse input for water and gas meter (requires AUX5 energy monitoring channel).


Package Contents:

  • 1 - ECM-1240 seven channel energy monitor.
  • 1 - DashBox web server.  (due to shortages, the DashBox will temporarily ship in a Silver Case, it will function the same)
  • 32 GB High Endurance MicroSD card memory.
  • 2 - SPLIT-200 for any main panel up to 200A.
  • 2 - SPLIT-60 CTs for any circuit up to 60A.
  • 8 - Donut CTs for any panel circuit up to 40A.
  • Power Adapter/PT, RS232 Cable.



For residential single or split phase services only. Not for commercial 3 phase systems