MySolarStats has custom Residential and Commercial solutions for energy management including solar and wind generation, single utility and multiple utility meter installations. We provide web accessible displays of data from solar arrays, Net Metering information and Time of Use segmentation. Using Time of Use (TOU) data, specific to the electric company provider, we help clients understand how to reduce their electric bills by capitalizing on TOU billing rates. Many providers are now forcing small and medium size businesses to TOU billing. It is therefore very important for these companies to understand their usage in terms of TOU from the provider.

Large solar installations should monitor and track generation by inverter or micro-inverter circuits along with panel information and automated email alerts to potential problems. The use of KwH per panel per day provides data to monitor cleanliness of panels and potential panel problems. We provide automated alerts and daily usage, generation and Net Metering emails.
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We utilize Brultech ECM1240 and GEM hardware to configure unique solutions for our clients. Large installations may require multiple ECM or GEM systems, but data is merged into a single viewable display that can be monitored from any web enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and PCs from all vendors and Operating Systems. We can monitor 208 and 240 volt, single and three phase, single and multiple meter installations. No matter what the configuration, we can display the environment as a single system or unique parts as needed by the client.

We also provide unique Commercial and Residential monitoring and billing systems for multi-occupant sites with single utility meters. Converted condominiums and multi-tenant commercial sites often need individual energy monitoring along with unique billing calculations for the building management. We are proud of our ability to create a monitor or billing system as needed by the client.