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The GreenEye Monitor is the culmination of Brultech’s twenty year experience in the development of energy consumption monitors. Our expertise has enabled us to develop a monitor that provides an affordable energy monitoring solutions from residential to commercial/industrial applications.

  • 32 energy monitoring channels.
  • 8 temperature sensing inputs.
  • 4 pulse count inputs.
  • Net Metering capable
  • Multiple communication options.
  • Web-based setup.
  • Variety of software options.
  • Packet formats and API available.
  • Ethernet, WiFi, or WiFi and Ethernet options.
Residential (single/split-phase) and Commercial (3-phase) versions available.

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  • 7 energy monitoring channels.
  • Optional pulse count on AUX5
  • Net Metering capable
  • Multiple communication options.
  • Variety of software options.
  • Packet format and API available.
Communication Options:
  • EtherPort – Ethernet module.
  • EtherBee – Zigbee-to-Ethernet module.
*To use wireless an EtherBee and a wireless ECM-1240 is required.

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The DashBox is a data-logging device that logs and displays energy monitoring information from our Energy Monitors.

  • No subscription fees.
  • View in any web browser, including mobile devices.
  • Compatible with our ECM-1240 and GreenEye Monitor.
  • Multiple charting options.
  • Stores a years worth of 1-minute data from one GreenEye Monitor.
  • Stores over 20 years of 1-hour data.

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The current transformer (CT) is a non-intrusive device used to measure the electrical current from a load. The 3 most important current transformer criteria are:
  • Safety certified by organizations such as UL, CSA, ETL, NRTL, etc.  (Most of our CTs are UL recognized for USA and Canada)
  • Accurate (Most of our CT models fall within +/-1% accuracy)
  • Proper style for the application.There are two general styles of current transformers:
    • Closed CT
    • Split-Core CT
The difference between the two styles is that the “closed” CT requires more effort/labor to install. The “splt-core” CT is simpler to install and does not require power to be interrupted during installation. Click the “How-to Install” tab below for more information.

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GreenEye Monitor (rev. 2) ECM-1240
Energy Monitoring
Channels 32 7
Current Transformer Compatibility Compatible with any BrulTech CT AUX channels limited to Micro-CTs
RS-232 2 built-in ports. 1 built-in port.
WiFi Add-on (uses RS-232 port 1). Not available.
Ethernet Included with WiFi. via EtherPort module.
Zigbee Add-on (uses RS-232 port 2). Zigbee unit required. (EtherBee required for Zigbee to Ethernet)
Additional Capabilities
Temperature Supports DS18B20 sensors Not available.
Pulse Counts 2 DC pulse inputs, 2 dry contact inputs. 1 dry contact via AUX5 channel.
Configuration Built-in Website Software required
MSRP* $319 for base model $118 for base model
*Discounted packages available, current transformers and addons are extra
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