System 1


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System 1 with Donut CTs

Bundle 1240 1
  • 1 – ECM-1240
  • 1 – DB-2 DashBox Data Host
  • 2 – 200A Split-core CTs
  • 2 – 60A Split-core CTs
  • 2 – 80A Donut CTs
  • 6 – 40A Donut CTs

$ 399

Prices are US$

This pre-configured system is designed for residential dwellings. It is a stand-alone system that require nothing more than a local network connection. Internet connection is not even required although unless the user wishes to access the dashboard from a remote location.

NOTE: For 120V/240V single phase panels only! (Not for commercial 3-phase)


  • Total of 7 channels available
  • CTs for a main panel up to 200A
  • CTs for 10 breakers
  • Additional CTs ordered with the bundle are available at a discounted cost
  • Measures and displays “true” power with great accuracy
  • Can be used for “net” metering of solar and wind grid tied generation
  • No internet or “cloud” required
  • Data stored in the DashBox memory (16 GB) providing years of historical data
  • May be configured for remote access via the internet
  • The web page provides a myriad of graphs, charts and analysis features

How many channels and CTs do I need?


System Connection

Simple system connection
  • The CTs are installed in the panel then connected to the ECM-1240
  • Data from the ECM-1240 is sent to the DashBox via RS-232 cable.
  • The DashBox connects to the existing network via Ethernet cable. A wireless connection is also possible by purchasing a WiFi stick for the DashBox.

If an Ethernet connection is not readily available, a wireless WiFi connection can be created by purchasing an “optional” WiFi stick as shown in the diagram (right).